PostalCode and/or CountryCode input does not match those associated with the AccountNumber

Tips for setting up a UPS account in NetSuite or other applications...


Setting up a UPS account in NetSuite can produce some vague errors when trying to save the account. Here are some tips to successfully setup or update the account in NetSuite.

Use the "Shipped from:" address when entering the address information in NetSuite. The "Shipped from:" address will appear in the upper left corner on the UPS invoice. If the invoice does not have a "Shipped from:" address in the upper left then use the address printed on the invoice.

  1. The company field in NetSuite must match the company name on the invoice address.
  2. The address fields in NetSuite must match the address fields on the invoice address including abbreviations of address information.
  3. NetSuite doesn't allow saving the UPS information with a 10 digit zip code so use a 6 digit zip code instead. A six digit zip code will work even if the invoice address has a ten digit zip code.

If you enter invoice information for negotiated rates, which is recommended, the invoice number should only have four zero's proceeding the account number as printed on the UPS invoice.

  1. The amount should match the "Charges this period:" amount.
  2. The control ID field is case sensitive.